About Us

The Susquehanna Valley Swordplay Guild is a modern martial arts school focused on the teaching and training of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).  We focus primarily on the Italian traditions of the 14th - 16th centuries. Susquehanna Valley Swordplay Guild is an official study group of the Chicago Swordplay Guild and teaches their longsword, grappling, and dagger curriculum.  We currently offer classes in the greater Harrisburg area.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the instruction, environment, and means for students to improve their understanding and execution of historical martial arts. 

Our Story

Our group began to come together at the beginning of 2013.  Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and prior experience levels.


Join Us!

Classes are currently being rescheduled due to changes in our lease.  Please stay tuned to the Facebook page for further details.

Barefoot Yoga and Wellness Studio (130 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg PA 17055) (click for a map).  

Please use our contact form or email the instructor at to let us know you're coming.